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Asita Sulut Takes 5 of 8 Tourism Industries to Sales Mission in Manila

Manila, Sulutlink.com.  Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia together with Asita Sulut (Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies of North Sulawesi) and Asita NTB (Association of The Indonesian Tours and Travel Agencies of NTB–Nusa Tenggara Barat) hold a Sales Mission in Manila and Davao on December 3-6, 2018.

One of the activities of this Sales Mission is a Table Top where the Tourism Industry Agents of Philippines and Tourism Industry Agents of North Sulawesi are met.

According to Afrida Pelitasari, Head of Marketing Unit for North Sulawesi region and Philippines, Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, who was contacted directly by Media Sulutlink through telephone line, said that this Sales Mission takes 8 tourism industries which are 5 from North Sulawesi and 3 from NTB.

“This Sales Mission was held in Manila on December 3, 2018, and in Davao would be tomorrow, December 5, 2018, and we take 8 tourism industries, 5 from North Sulawesi and 3 from NTB.” Said Afrida.

She added that in this Sales Mission, many of visitors  asked the tourism packages of North Sulawesi, but the problem is the direct flight from Philippines to North Sulawesi is not there yet. So, it is being in effort to have the flight from Philippines to North Sulawesi.

According to Afrida, most likely Philippines Airlines will have direct flight from Philippines to North Sulawesi in March 2019.

“Manila is the gate of East Asia. So, we have to open this gate. This is automatically be able to open the East Indonesia region to tourists who visit Manila. This is big opportunity and we have to get it.” Said Afrida to Media Sulutlink.

“The Philippines like to go shopping and enjoy the culinary, so we have to catch this opportunity.”  she added.

The Team 5 of Asita Sulut who join the Sales Mission in Manila and Davao are Grace Lumowa, Moudy Paat, Silvana Salim, Steven Limongan, and Dino Gobel. According to Grace Lumowa who escorts Afrida Pelitasari, the Sales Mission of tourism of North Sulawesi attract the participants and visitors in Manila.

“Happy selling and happy dealing for Team 5 of Asita Sulut. I really believe that this Team 5 would do the best for their homeland.” Said Merry Karouwan, Chairwoman of Asita Sulut. (Denny Sondakh)

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